Vocal MP's pregnancy sets tongues wagging

By Grapevine | Wednesday, Jun 19th 2019 at 08:12
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Handlers of a first time member of the National Assembly are having sleepless nights concerning her political future.

This is after the vocal MP, who less than a year ago separated with her husband, fell pregnant.

Some key lieutenants of the legislator feel news of the lawmaker being put in the family way, months after divorcing her partner; will raise eyebrows.

Sources have confided to The Grapevine that a renowned politician that the MP has been dating that hails from her region is the man responsible for the pregnancy.

A section of the legislator’s advisers has reportedly told her to keep of her county for the time being, as they seek for best strategies to counter her critics.

In other news…

An aide Governor are in trouble after they allegedly pocketed money they were given by their boss to pay a group of young people.

The Grapevine has been told that the young men and women had been requested to accompany the county chief to a function over the weekend, with a promise that they will be paid a small allowance.

The job description of the group was to cheer the Governor whose fortunes are dwindling, as he gave his speech to show that he still enjoys support.

The youth are said to have kept their part of the bargain only for the aide who had been given their special allowance by the Governor to go underground after their event.

The man has been missing in action since the weekend and his phone does not go through.

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