Reprieve as baby with thyroid cancer finally healed after Sonko sponsored her treatment in India

By Bosco Marita | Wednesday, Jul 3rd 2019 at 12:25
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Baby Hamima Wairimu has finally been healed after suffering from thyroid cancer for two years and being on oxygen support for the same period.

She was airlifted to India on May 2 by Sonko Rescue team for surgery after local doctor’s recommended her for specialized treatment abroad.

The kid arrived on Tuesday afternoon at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and was received by Sonko Rescue Team while stable though still under Medication.

According to the mother, the kid left the country unable to eat and talk but after the five-hour operation and further treatments, she is now able to do so.

She added that her daughter had tremendously improved such that she can ask for food. 

The governor pledged to continue assisting the kid to ensure complete recovery and even provide the necessary infrastructure that will facilitate treatment of such treatment within the country.

“We shall continue to offer this kind of services to the needy families, but most importantly we shall ensure in future this kind of surgery is performed in our local hospitals,” said Sonko on Facebook.

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