Despite Kenya being Ebola free, strategies ought to be set to prevent health disasters

By Samuel Mwangoo | Tuesday, Jun 18th 2019 at 10:31
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Kenya is free from Ebola, the Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki confirmed on Monday 17 June. Yesterday, the country was put in pangs of curiosity as one woman who was suspected of having the symptoms of the deadly Ebola Virus was confirmed negative.

The 36-year-old woman is said to have traveled from Uganda via Malaba to Kericho when she was suspected of carrying the deadly virus, but after samples were taken to the Kenya Medical Research Institute for more tests, the samples were negative.

However, the tension that had risen in the Kenyan social and medical scenes was responded to by the health Cabinet Secretary who declared this country free from the deadly virus. This was a significant reassurance within the health sector, but the country needs to put in more strategies to control and prevent any occurrence of health disasters.

It is high time the government comes to terms that we need to secure our borders. This is because two patients from Uganda had been diagnosed and succumbed to Ebola about a week ago; a report that was established by the world health organization.

The government needs to set up medical camps at our borders to ensure that all those entering this country undergo tests similar to the ones detecting the virus.

Kenya has faced heath disasters before like smallpox, swine flu, and the Polio health hazard, some years back and it is mandatory for the health sector to come to terms that we need strategies which will protect everyone entering and leaving this nation from any possible infections.

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