High court drops death sentence handed to two convicts who stole from President Uhuru’s kin

By Bosco Marita | Monday, Jun 17th 2019 at 11:51
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The High Court on Friday dropped death charges handed to two people convicted by the lower court of violently robbing President Uhuru’s cousin. 

The Friday ruling by Justice Ngenye Macharia, indicate that the two will instead serve 18 years imprisonment.

“I have substituted the death sentence with 18 years imprisonment from the time they were arrested,” ruled Macharia.

The details of charge sheet also showed that the two, Brian Ayusi and Paul Bulinda robbed Ngengi Mwigai at his home on Kyuna Estate, Spring Valley on December 4th, 2013.

Ngengi Mwangi is a cousin to President Uhuru.

Further details indicate that on that fateful day, the two entered the house and tied up Muigai, his wife and son in the master bedroom and ransacked the house for valuables.

The two thereafter stole all valuables before forcing Muigai's son to drop them off at their convenient location, Kawangware.

The judge noted that the two were amiable to the victims since they did not hurt anyone.

“In fact, these boys were friendly to the victims, no one was hurt. They told the victims to be calm since all they only needed valuables. However, there was violence when they said they would shoot the son ‘who was very rude’,” justice Macharia said.

The testimony of the co-accused had earlier indicated that Bulinda had sold her a phone that led the police to her.

The co-accused thereafter led the police to the convicts.

Justice Macharia, however, faulted the lower court’s decision saying it was fully based on unverified evidence from the accomplice. 

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