What to expect in the 2019/2020 financial budget

By SAMUEL MWANGOO | Thursday, Jun 13th 2019 at 09:10
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The financial budget in this year fiscal estimate of 2019/2020 that has totaled to 3 trillion will leave most Kenyans anxious once it has been presented. This is because the deficit balance in the financial evaluation will hit the Kenyans hard.

The deficit of about 600 billion will be a gap that will require accounting for and appears as a gap whose refilling point is still unknown.

 However, the Kenya revenue authority is expected to raise 1.9 trillion towards the financial budget, but most questions that Kenyans seem to ask is what or where will the deficit be directed too.

Financial advisers can advise that the national treasury is not at per with ensuring that they’re giving a solution to the 3 percent deficit in the financial budget 2019/2020.

According to Samuel Mwaura, a financial consultant with the Grant Thornton Kenya is that the budget has failed to offer a solution in the way to tackle the deficit of 3 percent in the Gross Domestic Product of this country in the financial year.

The consultant told sources that this country could only experience more borrowing as the country goes ahead, and even warned Kenyans of more tough times ahead.

"They're not coming up with a clear methodology on how they are going to attain the 3 percent. The way things are going we can only see more borrowing as we go forward," Mwaura told sources even as Kenyans were warned to prepare for tough times ahead.

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