My son is sick, stop capitalizing on the problem - father to student shot at State House says

By Bosco Marita | Wednesday, Jun 12th 2019 at 12:49
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David Bera, the father of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) student shot at the Statehouse, has asked those making fun of the incident to stop citing that his son is sick.

Speaking to The Standard, the father said his son was not in his right senses when the police shot him after he tried to trespass on President Uhuru's official residence.

When asked to comment on social media posts praising his son’s ‘heroics,' the father urged those doing so to stop capitalizing on his son sickness.

"What the boy did was not correct, and he was not doing it out of his mind. If he were sober, healthy, and okay, he wouldn't have done that. My son has never done that; my boy has been a good boy; he has never made such a mistake. He was even my favourite son before he developed the sickness," he said.

While narrating his son mental-sickness-journey, the interview session painted a picture of a father in distress that at one time he said: "in fact, I am finding it hard to talk."

Until his sickness, Brian Bera, a fifth-year engineering student at JKUAT has had a good life any parent could have wished for his or her child.

Having started school in the year 1999, he was a humble and bright child. He passed his primary school education and earned admission to Nairobi School, where he scored a 'clean' A.

According to his father, after enrolling for his degree, his academic prowess continued till his third year of studies where he began developing a character not part of him.

As the boy is undergoing medication David Bera says that his son deserves a second chance. He is sure that if Brian is treated, he will contribute something significant to the Economy in the future.

Following the incident, Brian Bera is now nursing gunshot wound at Kenyatta National Hospital.

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