Government official refuses to pay for parking

By Grapevine | Wednesday, Jun 12th 2019 at 08:55
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A top government official recently left the public puzzled after he refused to pay parking fees in one of the high end medical facilities in the city.

The official, who in the past few days dominated news headlines, flatly refused to pay the required Sh300 to those who man the parking lot.

The man was at the hospital for over an hour and apart from his fuel guzzler, he had two other cars in his convoy.

The incident caused traffic gridlock in and out of the hospital as those manning the parking insisted that the fees must be paid.

Inconvenienced clients and staff at the hospital were heard cursing the honcho.

In other news…

Has a first-time governor decided to shift his political base from the cosmopolitan devolved unit he heads to his home county ahead of 2022 elections?

Well, a little birdie has whispered to The Grapevine that the popular county chief could be considering the move.

This is after he started spending most of his time in his rural home where he has been meeting delegations.

Some of his handlers say the move will enable the governor to survive politically, since he is equally popular in his rural county.

The current area governor will not be eligible to defend his seat in 2022 as he would have done his second and last term in office.

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