MP ditches Ruto, warms up to Raila

By Grapevine | Wednesday, Jun 12th 2019 at 09:23
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A first term MP seems to have severed ties with Deputy President William Ruto and is now warming up to Opposition chief Raila Odinga.

The Jubilee lawmaker, who is no stranger to controversy, has been spotted a Raila's Upper Hill office on several occasions.

There is speculation she has made up her mind to cross over to Raila's camp. The MP has avoided all functions attended by Ruto, including those in her home region.

Majority of the elected leaders in her backyard are members of Jubilee Party and it will be interesting to see how the MP will survive for daring to go against the political grain.

In other news…

Some supporters of a key politician who has declared interest in the Presidency complain that he is aloof.

They have accused him of ignoring issues affecting residents of his vote-rich region. Those who hail from the constituency the man represented in Parliament in the past claim he has refused to address problems facing them.

Recently, a frustrated follower posted on Facebook a picture of a dilapidated classroom in a school next to the home of the politician.

In the picture that went viral on social media, the politician was roundly castigated for concentrating on national issues rather than what affects people in his backyard.

“How can he change Kenya when he cannot even construct a single classroom for a school a stone throw away from his palatial home” said dejected supporter on Facebook.

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