Why creating your 'you time' is all that matters

By Osano Cavine | Tuesday, Jun 11th 2019 at 11:43
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Most of us work so hard from January to January; we forget we are not machines. Most frustrations that follow us in our daily lives are not entirely based on lack of money; scientists suggest 80 percent is because we forget to have that 'me time.'

Listen, this isn't going to cost you much, like going to a movie once a month. You don't have to have a partner to go to a movie; do you. You need Sh1500 for a suitable date with yourself at the cinema. The tickets cost you Sh 1000; you might need 200 or less for Uber, taxi in Nairobi nowadays cost less than a Bodaboda. Thanks to Technology, God have mercy on the drivers.

You can also decide to book a weekend getaway. The last time I checked, these tour agencies can organise you a good time in Naivasha, Nakuru, Coast, or even Zanzibar at an affordable cost. You won't need to strain your budget; it's for you anyway. But you need this since it breaks the work monotony.

How about you take some swimming lessons too. Some are also bad at swimming they could even drown in a bathtub. Come on, hit the pool. If you can't get into the pool, hit the gym. These are both good for the mind.

Well, they say there's so much knowledge hidden in books, but books some times are just too boring to read at home. Kill the fatigue, grab your book, get to some cool Java, choose a lovely spot, grab a drink, and have your time. It's healthy.

Finally, go home. Come back quick. A weekend is enough. It helps you make clear your purpose if you stay in the city. The city noise and hustles can at times be overwhelming; you need to shed off the bad energy, get some good air, and find your way back to town.

We don't have to give in to depressions, hopelessness, or even work fatigue; we need to feed ourselves with some valuable time.

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