Kenyans react to Chinese opening mitumba businesses in Gikomba

By Bosco Marita | Monday, Jun 10th 2019 at 13:45
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The news of Chinese citizens opening Mitumba stalls and hawking goods at Gikomba market is not appealing to many.

Yet again social media is abuzz with complaints and regrets of Kenyans expressing their reservation on the aggressive entrepreneurial culture of the Chinese people.

With strong financial backing, are Kenyans traders poised to run for their money as the Chinese traders seek to control the supply chain from import down to retail?

The fact that the Kenyan government is unable to tame importation of goods from China, that is if fish imports is anything to go by, many social media users have lamented the move of Chinese people doing jobs thought to be a preserve of netizens.

Kenyans have expressed their ridiculous and emotional suggestions on the way forward now that 'new' investors are flocking Gikomba Market.

Here are the twitter reactions of Kenyans :

Cyprian Nyakundi Escobar

Jubilee manifesto seems to have promised jobs to the Chinese, now they are even at Gikomba selling second hands clothes. Punda Amekufa!

#AintNobodyGotTime4ThisSh*t @yourspenfully

Uhuru Kenyatta promised to create jobs but maybe Kenyans should have him was jobs 4 who? because from the look of it he was talking about creating jobs 4Chinese who are now in every sector & have now spread to Gikomba even as Kenyans struggle to feed their kids.

Derrick Ohato @DerrickOhato

Gikomba & Kamukunji small traders must be worried as tens of Chinese trader’s open shops to trade in 'mitumba' & imported kitchenware. Backed by strong financial muscle, they have taken control of the supply chain from import to wholesale down to retail level.

Nyangaresi,AB @Nyangaresi_

Kenyans crying wolf about the presence of Chinese hawkers in Gikomba,CBD,etc. Let's make it simple. Let's stop buying from them. That way, we’ll drive them out of business. Anything else and I'm not boarding.

Dennis maina @Dennismaina4

This is FDI under President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP Ruto.Chinese in Gikomba, how do give foreigner work permit or Kenyan citizenship to come and trade in mitumba instead of establishing textile industry?

Bevalyne Kwamboka @bevalynekwambo3

 Uhururuto ???????? how can you allow Chinese to trade in gikomba and expect a fair competition ???????? instead of 1M. Jobs promised you have decided to rape us hata kwenye tunatafuta 50bob ya upkeep ????????????

Nduta ????@ShazieKe

The government should Move to regulate Chinese activity in Kenya.

We cannot have Chinese Hawking in Town and in Gikomba!

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