OPINION: Something does not add up in the story of the St Steven’s girl

By Standard Reporter | Thursday, Jun 6th 2019 at 16:06
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The 15-year-old girl from St Steven’s Girls High School resurfaced on Wednesday after missing for months and her mother Mary Mukami was delighted to have her daughter back home.

Looking withdrawn and without her school uniform, the girl stated that she had no idea where she was during the time she was reported missing and only a well-wisher paid her fare to Satellite, where she resides.

The good news is that she is safe and seemingly unharmed but so many questions remain unanswered.

According to her narrative, she was sent home for lack of school fees just a day after reporting and suggested she was drugged when she bought a bottle of water at Makutano where she had gone to board a bus to the city.

From then on she does not seem to remember anything and online, netizens were surprised that she never bothered to ask where she was even after regaining her senses.

“All I remember is being in a matatu and asking a woman to pay my fare to Satellite. I took the matatu at Railways Bus Station,” she said.

Asked what she has been doing since then, she said: “Sijui. Nilikuwa tu nazunguka (I don’t know. I was just roaming around),” she said.

“Where were you roaming?”

“Sijui (I don’t know).”

“Whom were you with?”

“Sijui (I don’t know).”

On being questioned further, the teenager claimed she had been living in makeshift market stalls.

She added that she has been surviving on chapatis but cannot recall where she used to buy them from.

Although she is glad her daughter is back home, Mukami said there was something different about her.

“She does not even want to talk,” said the mother. 

It seems that there is something she is yet to reveal but the good news is that she is safe.

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