KCPE top performer succumbs to cancer

By Vincent Kejitan | Thursday, Jun 6th 2019 at 12:52
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Mary Mutua scored 415 out of a possible 500 marks in the 2018 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education(KCPE) exams and was hopeful of becoming a doctor in future.

She emerged top at Amani Primary School in Mikindani but her parents were yet to disclose to her that she had been diagnosed with bone cancer.

Her father Josephat Mutua opted not to share the news with her until she completed her exams to avoid distracting her.

Soon afterwards, Mary learnt of her condition and vowed to overcome it and join her dream school, Bunyore Girls’ High School in Vihiga County.

Her father stated that she had been undergoing treatment at the Aga Khan Hospital in Mombasa and had shown signs of recovery.

“She was okay after the first, second and third cycles. In fact, during the second cycle she was improving and even managing my shop.

"But in the fourth cycle she started getting worse. She began vomiting and feeling dizzier and sickly. She could not swallow anything as she had wounds in her mouth and throat. Water was her only food,” he said.

Mary’s condition deteriorated and her platelet count dropped.

According to her father, she was rushed to ICU on Monday night but while at the casualty area she started having breathing problems.

“The doctor told me her heart had swollen and that her lungs had fluid. As they prepared to take her to ICU, she died peacefully.

"She was her bubbly self in the ambulance. She told me to buy her chips. I rushed to buy the food but she had only one piece."

(Photo Courtesy of KSN)

Mutua appealed to members of the public to help him offset a Sh1.3m medical bill and thanked those who had offered the family support throughout his daughter’s illness.

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