Depression, the poison killing our country’s population

By Mutemi Andrew | Tuesday, Jun 4th 2019 at 14:01
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We hide to try our feelings, but we forget that our eyes speak. Currently, in our country, Kenya depression has taken many innocent lives in a constant accelerating percentage in every new day. Depression is generally caused by stress whereby one feels less important and unworthy to be in a society. Depression has been common news in any media channel in Kenya.

Some of the symptoms that show that one might be suffering from depression include anger/ temper surges, recklessness/ compulsive disorder, Verbally and emotionally abusive, overworking, alcohol abuse, sickly/weight loss, and palpitations, sexual dysfunctions, sleep disorder, poor work performance and isolation among others.

Depression is the source of all sadness, evil, and bad spirits. Our Kenyan families are in a big mess of depression. Not a single day goes by without a related story on our televisions or having the like headline in our newspapers. Our social media platforms are filled with the same updates of suicides and murder of loved ones and family members.

In our working environment, colleagues have been mercilessly killing each other. Our police officers shooting their colleagues due to stress. Someone needs to address this national disaster before many lives perish. Church leaders, bishops, and pastors should stand firm in their pulpit and pray for the deliverance of our country, Kenya from this spirit.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) report last month, Kenya has been placed the sixth depressed country in Africa with 4.4 percentage of her population depressed. The most affected age is the youth aged 14 years to 29 years old, which was confirmed by Iregi Mwenja, the founder of Psychiatric Disability Organization Kenya.

Depression does not put into account a personal class, religion, race, rank, nor age. This is a common issue which needs joined efforts to reduce its harm in our country, Kenya. If you see a friend depressed, try to find out a solution by talking to them. Peer counselors should organize some seminars and trips to enlighten the masses on the issue.

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