VIDEO: KNH doctors announce first successful weight loss surgery

By Vincent Kejitan | Saturday, Jun 1st 2019 at 11:17
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Surgeons at Kenyatta National Hospital on Friday announced that they had successfully operated on a patient to aid him in his weight loss journey.

The procedure commonly referred to as bariatric surgery, involves removal of a portion of the stomach or re-routing the small intestines to a small stomach pouch.

When 66-year-old John Muthama was admitted at KNH on May 7, he weighed 176kgs and was diagnosed with class III obesity.

His wife Agnes Waithaka said that she thought her husband was gaining weight because of her skills in the kitchen, little did she know that he was slowly becoming obese.

“When my husband started gaining weight I knew it was because of my food and people would praise me for the good work but when he could not walk, I sensed danger,” says Mrs Waithaka.

Adding: “It got worse until the day he developed hypertension and was losing breath, that’s when I knew we had to rush him to the hospital.”

On his part, Muthama stated that he tried to do everything to reduce his weight including dieting and working out but none yielded results.

“I had done all I could to reduce his weight but instead it was increasing. I did dieting, exercises but all was in vain. I had to check myself in for a surgery, which was my last resort,” he remarked.

Dr Kennedy Odede, who was part of the team that operated on Muthama, described the procedure as successful after the patient lost 10kgs.

“The surgery was not a big deal; it is a minimal access surgery. Though it is not a one-off thing, we need to follow up with the patient to ensure that he maintains the kind of life that we want. It is known that after three years if the patient is not followed and goes back to his eating habits, he will gain the weight again,” he noted.

According to doctors, the surgery helps in controlling blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and resolves joint problems.

KNH took pride in the procedure which cost Muthama Sh500,000, three times less than what it costs abroad.

Here is the video:

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