US Ambassador’s tweet on Kenya’s prayer breakfast evokes mixed reactions

By Vincent Kejitan | Thursday, May 30th 2019 at 13:48
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President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday led the country during the 2019 National Prayer Breakfast at Safari Park Hotel.

The annual event brings together leaders from various sectors to reflect and pray for the country and this year’s event was graced by South Sudan President Salva Kiir Mayardit.

US Ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter took to Twitter to congratulate the country for taking a step in the right direction but not before taking a dig at Kenya’s corruption menace.

“Kenyan leaders are praying and asking for forgiveness for the sin of thievery at the 17th annual National Prayer Breakfast.

“What a good start to take the nation on the path of prosperity the wananchi deserve.

“We must all do our part,” he wrote.

The tweet drew various reactions from netizens and one American living in Kenya expressed his disappointment at McCarter’s statement.

Rafe Mazer: “I'm an American living in Kenya too, and am disappointed in your statement. I would hope for a more useful analysis and engagement on this topic that is costing Kenyans dearly. So my Kenyan taxes get misappropriated, then my American taxes go to palliative statements about it?”

To which McCarter responded, “Sir, this was a tweet, not a full position paper on dealing with thievery & I think you know this.”

Chrisogonas Odhiambo: “Ambassador I hope you're engaging the power of sarcasm. Career thieves need no prayers. Their prayers are a mockery to the nation and God. Before prayer, during prayer, after prayer, these folks will remain the same. No business conducting this prayer ritual every year. Bure!!!”

McCarter: “In this atmosphere we must celebrate every effort to recognize and take on thievery.”

Munene Njue: “Ambassador is it really thievery alone affecting our Nation? What about jobs, economy drought and cohesion.”

McCarter: “The things you mentioned can only be successfully dealt without thievery.”

During the breakfast, President Kenyatta urged leaders to walk the talk in their fight against corruption and focus on what they were elected to do by Kenyans.

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