IG Mutyambai lists vehicles that shall enjoy special privileges on roads

By Vincent Kejitan | Thursday, May 30th 2019 at 08:48
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In recent years, motorists have been complaining about how government vehicles flaunt traffic rules and even cause accidents and Inspector General Hilary Mutyambai has stepped in to set the record straight.

Through a directive seen by Ureport, Mutyambai admitted receiving complaints from members of the public and listed the vehicles that shall be entitled to special clearance on roads and highways.

Ambulances, fire trucks and vehicles carrying the following VIPs: H.E. The PresidentThe Deputy PresidentThe First LadyThe Chief JusticeThe Attorney GeneralSpeaker of the National AssemblySpeaker of the SenateCabinet Secretaries for Defence, Interior, Finance and Foreign AffairsPrincipal Secretaries for Defence, Interior, Finance and Foreign AffairsChief of Defence ForcesService Commanders of Defence ForcesInspector General of National Police ServiceDeputy Inspector General – Kenya Police Service and Administration Police ServiceNational Assembly Majority LeaderSenate Majority LeaderRetired PresidentsRetired Prime Minister

Mutyambai further stated that vehicles not listed will have to seek clearance from officers in charge of traffic in respective regions.

“All other vehicles including Government registered vehicles (GK) are expected to follow the normal traffic flow.

“Any government vehicle found violating traffic regulations especially those overlapping…drivers shall be arrested and charged in accordance with the law,” said the IG.

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