Do you have this mark on your wrist? This is what it means

By Mirror | Wednesday, May 29th 2019 at 15:15
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Do you have a freckle near the middle of your wrist? Women all over the world have been left feeling baffled after someone realised that a lot of females share this feature.

This lead to thousands of people on Twitter sharing photos of their own weirdly identical freckles, a simple mark on the skin which you probably have too but have never even noticed before today.

It all started when a woman named Aaryn Whitley posted on social media sharing photos of four different people with freckles in the centre of their wrists.

Freckles are little brown specks or spots on the skin, caused by a pigment called melanin.

They form on the skin when there is a high deposit of melanin in one area and can become darker when exposed to sunlight, as this increases the production of mealnin.

Wrists may be a common place to find freckles, due to the amount of light that catches the exposed skin there.

According to Nivea, nobody is born with freckles, they typically start to develop during childhood. But your genes can play a big role in determining whether you'll get freckles, so if a family member is prone to freckled skin, chances are you will be too.

People had lots of thoughts about the freckle, with one person branding it "magical".

Another said: "This is wild."

A third commented: "So I read a thing last night about loads of women having a freckle on their wrist, I was like nah not me, but in fact I do.

"I feel it's strange nearly everyone having it, but at the same time there's only so many places it can go."

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