Why female MP left man stranded in Tanzania

By Grapevine | Wednesday, May 29th 2019 at 08:23
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A man has been left stranded in Tanzania by a nominated MP who had paid for his trip.

The chap is said to have been kicked out by the lawmaker after he accosted her on suspicion that the nominated legislator was having a relationship with her colleague.

The man was so angered that he attempted to rough up the MP who decided kick out the man from her abode without giving him fare back. 

The man decided to call his friends in Kenya asking them to send him fare so that he can leave the country.

Word has it that the MP owes her nomination to parliament to an influential politician who she had a thing with.

Her husband has been reduced to leaving everything to God as he struggles with the politician’s infidelity that knows no bounds.

The Grapevine last evening learnt that friends of the disgraced man formed a WhatsApp group to raise money for his fare back home.

Still on relationships…

A legislator who was has in the past hit the news headlines over his protracted domestic problems has found love. 

The new catch for outspoken lawmaker is a director of one of the state corporation.

The chubby, light skinned and outspoken lass who was previously connected to a senior state titan, is barely disguising the dalliance although her politician friend has been pleading that it be kept secret for the time being.

The lass has been loudly telling her friends in social places that the politician knows how to treat his women.

She has been heard to whisper conspiratorially that the politician appears to "have learnt his lesson" from previous ill-fated liaisons.

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