Arrogant Ex-MP embarrassed at funeral

By Grapevine | Monday, May 27th 2019 at 08:20
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The saying: “What goes around comes around” seems to have been coined with a former legislator in mind. 

The ex-MP who used to be arrogant and cruel to his opponents when he was in power, has now found a match in his successor -who treats him the same way.

Recently an aide of the lawmaker embarrassed the politician at a funeral after he insisted he will speak last since he had been sent by the area member of the National Assembly.

Protests by the politician and his supporters that he was the senior-most man at the event fell on dears, as he was reminded that his handlers when he was in power behaved the same way as those of the man that took over his seat. Talk of karma!

In other news…

A group of ward representatives in the Rift Valley are mad at a renowned aide of an influential politician.

The MCA’s accuse the PA of exposing them to ridicule and embarrassment at a function attended by his boss.

One of the aggrieved MCAs confided to The Grapevine that the abrasive aide ‘ambushed’ them to make their speeches before the top leader arrived, a matter that caught some of them flat-footed.

He explained that some of his colleagues ended up making complete fools of themselves before the charged crowd, with a section of them that had prepared written speeches even saluting the top politician yet he had not arrived. 

They now want the influential leader to reign in on his overzealous handler.

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