Governor-women rep relationship a puzzle

By Grapevine | Monday, May 27th 2019 at 09:07
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A popular Governor is the talk of town over his close working relationship with area Women Representative.

Some keen residents have noted with concern that the county chief who is doing his second term in office, is rarely with his wife neither has he introduced her in public functions, but he is comfortable while in the company of the MP.

The cozy relationship between the duo dates back to before 2013, where the female legislator is said to have played a big role in the election of the county boss.

After clinching the top county seat, the Governor named the politician to his cabinet, a position she used to propel herself to the National Assembly in the 2017 polls.

In other news…

Supporters of a key politician who is said to be eyeing the Presidency in 2022 are increasing getting frustrated with the way he carries himself.

Those who support the man claim he has no clear strategy at all to endear himself to the voters and has lost touch with the ground, especially in his vote-rich backyard.

A dejected follower of the leader who spoke to The Grapevine cited his resounding silence over an issue that afflicted residents of an area considered his ‘strong-hold’, as the best example that the politician is not sharp.

“He should fire all his clueless advisors. How come none of them advised him to pronounce himself on a key matter that affect his constituents?” posed the supporter on Facebook.

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