How Sonko fought armed youths hired to demolish School and church

By Bosco Marita | Monday, May 27th 2019 at 07:54
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It was not business as usual at Buruburu phase four when Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko stormed the area to stop the demolition of a church and a primary school by an alleged land grabber.

On arrival, Sonko found armed youths with pangas, spades and other weapons destroying Kinderstart primary school and the adjacent church on claims that they were enforcing a Court Order.

A bare-knuckled confrontation ensued after the rowdy youths started pelting stones to Sonko and his team that had arrived to stop the demolition.

A group of youths accompanying the County boss engaged the defensive youths in a nasty fight that saw several injured, some fainted and the school completely flattened.

A fist fight between the two groups of youths intensified. The allegedly hired groups were overpowered. Kicks and blows were rained on them. The scene turned ugly. 

So bad was the confrontation that Sonko had to wear a bulletproof jacket when gunshots rented the air as police sought to disperse the fighting groups.

Sharing video footage of the drama on his Facebook Page Sonko wrote: “It's painful to see School going children being beaten up and thrown out in the rain by hired goons, yet we have a Country Governed by law and order. I also urge the youth not to be misused by crooks who want to acquire property illegally.”

The parcel of land in question is said to have been a family property but one of the family members allegedly colluded with city developers and officials from the ministry of land to have the title revoked and registered afresh with names of his siblings missing.

Three suspects were arrested in the saga.

The owners of Kinderstart Primary School faulted the police for failing to respond in time to prevent the incident from happening.

Sonko called on the Inspector General of police to take action against his officers for failing to ensure law and order.

When Sonko Visited the area on Sunday Morning the area appeared cool and deserted as few people could be sported within the compound.

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