Close relationship between Governor and female staff raises eyebrows

By Grapevine | Monday, May 20th 2019 at 09:11
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The close working relationship between a Governor and a female member of his county cabinet has started raising eye-brows.

The duo is so close that at times the official who has earned the tag of a ‘blue-eyed CEC’ rides in the same car with the county boss to public functions.

The official does not miss any single meeting attended by her boss and she is always by his side even when the meetings go late into the night.

Word has it that the county boss is grooming the executive to contest for a parliamentary seat in 2022, a matter that has put him in a collision path with the sitting area MP.

In other news…

Complains about the absence of a renowned MP in her constituency have reached the desk of The Grapevine.

A section of voters claims that their representative in the National Assembly is hardly seen on the ‘ground’.

One of the constituents said they are worried their MP may have forgotten about them since she has not been sighted in the constituency for weeks now.

This is despite parliament being on recess. “We only see her fiery speeches in other parts of the country on TV or trending on social media.

We are appealing to mheshimiwa to come back home,” pleaded the constituent.

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