Arrest of KRA officers right move in war on corruption

By Job Mugiira | Friday, May 17th 2019 at 08:23
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The interdiction and subsequent arrest of Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) officers over corruption allegations is a welcome revolution of some sort.

Unless one is shortsighted, this is a clear fulfillment of what majority, if not all Kenyans, have been demanding and praying for since President Kenyatta declared that no one will be spared in the war against graft.

It may be sad for colleagues and family members of those arrested but in their own making, they were partners in crime since they have been enjoying the benefits without questioning the source or rather warning their “sponsors” of the dangers of stealing.

This bold step by KRA is a step in the right direction and it sends a strong message that any other person will steal from the tax collector in future at their own risk. It will deter new employees from putting their hands in the cookie jar.

This will ensure we collect our revenues as per the set target or even surpass it. Again, this move will save the Government the hustle of running to China for debt every time we fall short of our revenue projections. The fight against corruption will be won in Kenya although we may not put timelines to it.

However, ordinary Kenyans must stop pointing at the politicians and other Government officials as the only perpetrators of corruption and start pointing at their very close friends, relatives and colleagues. Otherwise, we will forever be complaining.

We encourage the Government to continue cracking the whip on other public offices and, maybe, in the next round, conduct even a bigger swoop at Lands Ministry among others.

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