Why Matiangi should extend Huduma Namba registration deadline

By David Mugun | Thursday, May 16th 2019 at 13:34
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I woke up early on May 15, 2019, and dropped my children in school very early that morning.

I proceeded to queue at 8 am at the Karen Chief's office. Good thing, the line was not as long as the one we had during elections.

Several of us chatted heartily and braved the sun on an empty stomach till 5:30 pm when the chief asked the registration team to close.

This was against CS Fred Matiang’i's promise of a ‘six to six operation’.

While on the queue, the chief was on phone severally and shortly after every call, a huge car with a dignitary or a Karen bourgeoisie arrived and the occupants went into his office where a special agent was at hand to provide express service.

The rest of us patiently awaited our turn in the main hall whereupon making it to the main entrance, it became apparent that one was around number 80 to any service point because sixty people occupied the available seats as 20 stood in line ready to occupy the available seats.

As we got close to seating down, we noticed that some ‘Karen women’ also needed Huduma Nambas for their handbags as some of them kept moving up the queue with a chair always left for the special contraption.

One Huduma staffer took an hour to serve a lady and her two children shortly after he had returned from a long lunch break much to our chagrin.

He demonstrated indifference when informed that he was taking too long. We also noted that many of the young people contracted to serve us had sleek cars awaiting them in the parking or were chauffeur driven.

At 5:30 pm a few of us confronted the chief about shutting early. His response was mean to say the least, and unbecoming of a public servant who took express service bribes before our eyes earlier.

After an exchange of words, he reached out to some young NYS men who came to ensure that the place was shut. We promised to report him and he said "put it on social media" (exactly what I am doing).

The young Huduma staffers were clearly from affluent backgrounds and what mattered to them was the daily allowance more than the number of wananchi served. In fact, after closing and asking us to leave, a friend of the staffers arrived and was ushered in before our eyes and his photo was captured to the disapproval of the disappointed Huduma Namba seekers.

Chants of " this is how you invite a revolution”, rent the air and I must commend this civil crowd who left without causing any damage.

CS Fred Matiangi is working hard for this country but some people are letting him down big time. At the close of the Huduma exercise several people who could not get another off day at work will still require to be served, I included.

We are now told that every machine can only hold 100 names in a day and this was taken up by those beefing up the chief's kitty, and at our expense. That is the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

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