Were Indians on holiday? Kenyans struggle to believe Waititu’s Punjab photo

By Vincent Kejitan | Tuesday, May 14th 2019 at 09:27
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Recently, Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu shared a throwback photo of himself at Punjab University but Kenyans were far from convinced.

In the photo, a sharp-looking Waititu is donning a black coat, cream pants and well-polished leather shoes.

According to his caption, the photo was taken during their college days by a comrade.

“#TBT Somewhere in Punjab. A comrade from university recently paid me a visit and brought along this photo. #ComradePower,” he wrote.

However, Kenyans online were far from convinced, many questioning whether the photo was taken in Punjab University.

Cyrus Kiarie Mungah: Unataka kusema wahindi wote walikua wamefunga shule? Hii ni Kiambu Tekiniko

Edwin Odhiambo: Waititu I know this place, this is FTC Narok in the early 80's.

Nyariki E-Knock Nyambati II: Punjab university Ruiru branch.

Battalion Benson Alis: Is it Punjab or Pumbaf university? Some of us are confused...

Mukabi Dennis: Nmewatch movies mingi Sana za Kihindi and I have never seen such a place  This is NOT INDIA

Felix Makinda O'Mogendi: Not even an Indian passing in the background? Uko sure hapo si Thogoto?

Teewan Dicksons: Wacha kutuenjoy jo. Huyo wa kwanza ni prof hamo na watatu ni desagu.

Hezron Oyugi: This is a p.c.e.a church in Nairobi

Reagan Sandui: You mean no muhindi even at the background, nashuku hapo ni Gachie.

In the run-up to the 2017 general election, William Kabogo had challenged the credibility of Waititu’s undergraduate degree and claimed that he never met the current governor while at Punjab University.

Kabogo, however, lost the case and the institution also confirmed that Waititu was indeed a student in the 80s and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

Asked why he never met Kabogo during his stay in India, Waititu recently stated that the former governor was four years his senior.

“Kabogo went to Punjab University four years ahead of me. So, there was no way we would have shared a class; and, by the time he came back to the university [for his certificates], he did not know that I was there,” said Waititu.

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