After years of being houseboy man finally graduates aged 62

By Bosco Marita | Monday, May 13th 2019 at 11:38
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When his daughter took to Instagram to celebrate his father’s academic achievement, after graduating from Nnmadi Azikiwe University with a Degree in Music, a tale of success bound by no boundaries and tamed by no time was evident. It was a classical example of the saying nothing is impossible under the sun.

Her unidentified Father, then, could not proceed to her secondary education due to financial woes but after a year of struggle and toiling as a houseboy, he recollected his pieces of shattered dreams and embarked on the journey of accomplishing what many might have perceived as an impossibility.

“He only just wanted to have a secondary school certificate to his name, so he sat for NBTEB, then he went for a diploma and then direct entry and today he graduated with a 2.2 at the age of 62. Dear Daddy, I know this sounds better when you say it, but I am proud of you and I love you, always. Thank you,” wrote Nkeoma08.

Despite her father being among the few who enjoyed academic success at her school, she narrates how his father wiped his tears after it was clear to him that he was not going to proceed with his education.

So pained was his father that the tale of how he was rejected became a usual narrative to his children as a way of inspiring them to achieve greater heights.

“He told that story! Severally, as an advice, as a wakeup call, in anger, in frustration and in love. Oh, how that story built us, how it informed us, we were so determined, he was so determined to ensure that all of us went to school at least Secondary, he drew blood, sweat, sacrifice just to see that happen,” she narrates.

The daughter further recounts the moment the family was staring at their almost-shattered dreams when her two siblings had to surrender their opportunity to school in order to allow her to curve her fate in education.

On her Instagram wall, she rekindles the harsh and tormenting moment the family went through to give education a shot. They defied poverty, which had crippled their access to basic necessities, to hold on to the journey of their success.

To her, the graduation of her father was a fulfilling moment of the tallest dream the family ever imagined of.


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