Twitter user on the spot for posting ‘false information’ concerning Huduma Numba, DCI responds

By Fay Ngina | Friday, May 10th 2019 at 12:09
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A Twitter user has been put on the spot for posting what the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) claimed to be false information.

The user only identified as Mugo on Twitter claimed that his friend was denied access to a certificate of good conduct from the CID because he did not have the huduma numba.

“A friend went to CID HQs to apply for a good conduct, shock on him he couldn't proceed with the application apparently because he didn't doesn't have a huduma namba,that's when I knew that having it is important,” read the tweet.

DCI, however, responded to the tweet and asked Kenyans to treat the information as false since Huduma Numba is not required for the application of good conduct.

The DCI also urged Kenyans to bring forth any misleading information they come across concerning the Huduma Numba.

“Dear #KOT, Please treat this @m_mugo88 as FALSE information. For the record, we DO NOT require Huduma Number during the application process. For more information please read … We encourage you to report any misleading material you spot @DCI_Kenya,” DCI responded.

Several Kenyans on Twitter took to Mugo’s comment section and asked him to stop spreading false information since no Kenyan has the Huduma Numba yet.

Mugo later responded by saying that what was required was the acknowledgment slip and not the Huduma Numba. 

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