Sonko’s plan to deal with lazy county employees

By Vincent Kejitan | Thursday, May 9th 2019 at 13:09
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Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko on Wednesday ordered the installation of biometric card readers across all county offices to ensure workers report on time.

The governor noted that there is a lot of laxity in county offices and warned that joyriders will soon be done away with.

He warned those who habitually go to work late and leave early saying county offices will not be used for personal businesses.

“My administration will recognize, reward and promote staff who deliver on their targets, but has no room for lazy people who just want to use their county offices to conduct their personal businesses,” he said.

Sonko was speaking at City Hall during the launch of the Huduma Namba registration for county staff where he divulged that they will soon be issued with new badges to help security personnel identify them.

“That is why the Public Service Management must fast-track the roll out of the new staff badges and urgently install biometric card readers across our offices,” he remarked.

The governor also emphasized the importance of getting a Huduma Namba and urged those who had not registered to look for time and do so.

“Huduma Namba is an important initiative of the Government of Kenya, that seeks to issue citizens with a unique ID that has all their important details.

“The aim is to make public service delivery easier. The Huduma Namba will enable Nairobi City County Government have better record management of employee affairs,” he added.

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