It is not fashionable to kill

By Purity Ngina | Wednesday, May 8th 2019 at 13:19
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I am a victim of losing someone I love, my mother, through the Knife. This is the worst thing to happen to any human being. You become very paranoid. 

I don’t have a sharpened knife in my house. You fear everyone and become very suspicious. 

It pains me so much to read about people who have been killed. I wish the killers get to know how much damage they cause to the family. I wish they knew how their choices affect other people. 

I have followed and analyzed with the hope of getting to know why a person would commit search a heinous act, why? 

For the two years since my mum left me, I have never gotten any answer I am still researching with the hope of one day getting more answers.

We as young people need to find other ways of solving our differences. It is not fashionable to be a murderer. It is not. Remember the choices you make have consequences. They will affect many generations to come. We need to spread love and forgiveness. 

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