Ten romantic things every lady needs but won't ask for

By Elijah Odhiambo Ochieng | Monday, May 6th 2019 at 11:59
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Among the most vital things, every lady needs attention, care, and love. A lady needs that irrevocable love and wants her man to remind her every time that she's loved. Here are ten things every girl wants but won't ask for.


1. Kiss her in front of other ladies you know.

If you want your lady to love you and never doubt your love, then kiss her in front of your female friends, you'll be loved until you forget yourself.


2. Touch her waist.

A lady always feels that 'heavenly' feeling when a man slowly and slowly touches her waist.


3. Kiss her unexpectedly.

Kissing your loved one unexpectedly makes her develop that feeling of love for you. Ladies love surprises, so abrupt kisses intensify their passion.


4. Look straight into her eyes and say I love you.

Ladies are fragile emotionally; they want to be shown love every now and again. Most significantly, they feel highly loved if you look straight into their eyes and tell them your feelings of love.


5. When she says she loves you more, deny it.

More often than not, ladies have that character of saying I love you more when you tell them I love you. Some of them do say so, but they don't mean it, they want you to deny it.


6. Hang out with her and your friends together.

A lady feels loved when you walk and hang out with her in the company of your friends. She feels great and secure walking with the group.


7. Tell her she's beautiful.

Remind your lady every moment that she's beautiful. If you don't do so, then she'll go and look for someone else who'll tell her of her beauty.


8. Kiss her in the rain.

One of the beautiful feelings a lady has is when someone she loves kisses her in the rain. Doing this will only make her love you more.


9. Slow dance with her even with no music.

Sometimes spare time with her, dance and joke around with her. Slowly touch her waist and involve her in dancing even if there is no music. She'll surely love it.


10. Surprise her with gifts.

A lady's desire is to be surprised with gifts like flowers, clothes, shoes and any other gifts so long as you know your lady's preference.

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