Aisha Jumwa: Why I am not Atwoli’s taste

By Bosco Marita | Sunday, May 5th 2019 at 16:24
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The war of words between Malindi Member of Parliament and Francis Atwoli is seemingly not going to end soon.

Both continue to intensify their rebuttal to each other as days go by.

During the Labor Day celebration at Uhuru Park on May 1, after Mishi Mboko had spoken and scolded Aisha Jumwa for disrespecting Atwoli, Central Organization for Trade Union (COTU) Secretary General Francis Atwoli Said: “Achana na huyo mama, hata sio type yangu, huyo hata si taste yangu. Anacheza sana na jina yangu. Mpime na ruler, hata hana kiuno(Ignore that lady she is not my taste. She is joking with my personality. Measure her waist with a ruler and you will know she has nothing).

The Malindi Member of Parliament and a diehard of Deputy President William Ruto has clapped back to the outspoken unionist during a funeral service for Kilifi Woman Representative Gertrude Mbeyu's father, Justus Chitole on Saturday, sarcastically giving a reason why she is not fit of Atwoli calibre.

“Juzi nilisikia mnabweka bweka ooh Aisha Jumwa si type yangu… Atwoli mimi type yako naijua…wewe umezoea kupeleka machine ya probox ,V8 utaiweza ( I recently heard people shouting that aisha jumwa is not my taste…Atwoli I know your type, you are used to driving a probox will you manage a V8?),” she said.

Atwoli has on several occasions expressed his disapproval of Deputy President William Ruto candidature for presidency come 2022 saying, on record, that his name will not be in the ballot.

His remarks were not welcome by all as it attracted czar criticism from allies of Deputy President, including Aisha Jumwa, who dismissed his claims as unfounded.

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