If Aisha is man enough let her resign from Parliament — Donald Kipkorir

By Vincent Kejitan | Saturday, May 4th 2019 at 13:24
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Nairobi lawyer Donald Kipkorir on Friday dared Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa to resign from Parliament and seek re-election on a different party ticket.

Through a tweet, the lawyer slammed the lawmaker and accused her of hypocrisy in the wake of an incident where she grabbed a microphone from ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna while addressing mourners.

“Aisha Jumwa has repeatedly said she has abandoned ODM .... Today, she stopped Edwin Sifuna from speaking in a funeral ceremony.

“If she is man enough, let her resign from Parliament & re-contest on TangaTanga Party ... Aisha is poster-child of hypocrisy and corruption,” he said.

The tweet drew mixed reactions from netizens and while some agreed with Kipkorir, others defended Jumwa saying she was right to stop Sifuna from making political statements at a funeral.

Don Musty: The issue is not Aisha Jumwa but respect and expressing sympathy to the family and honoring the deceased. This cycle of people politicking at funerals MUST END!!!

Melissa Akinyi: and I'd vote for her. Edwin Sifuna was being disrespectful.

Jeremiah Rotich: Siasa kwa matanga hatutakii.... Not ODM heshimu wamijikenda.

Lumasia Jr: But I loved Edwin Sifuna behaviour he silently step behind and went back to sit. This is the great leadership skills I have acquired from @edwinsifuna Keep it up Genaral.

Asked why he did not retaliate, Sifuna stated that he would never engage a woman in a physical confrontation.

“I would never get into a physical confrontation with a woman. Never have. Never will,” he maintained.

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