My daughter is out of bounds — Esther Passaris

By Vincent Kejitan | Thursday, May 2nd 2019 at 09:26
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Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris on Wednesday stated that her daughter Makenna Marie is out of bounds.

This is after one bold netizen asked the lawmaker to give him Marie’s number.

Robin Hood: Give me Makenna's number first

Passaris: No. My daughter is out of bound. She is a student and that's her priority. Mummy doesn't dish out her baby girls number. So request denied.

This is not the first time netizens have expressed interest in the 22-year-old.

In January, Passaris posted a video of how she ushered in the New Year in the company of her daughter and men could not help but marvel at Kenna’s beauty.

“What are you asking from your son in law -?”

“Remind her that I'm a responsible young man”

“Ako single? Because I am and you can make a nice Mother in law”

The legislator, however, made it clear that she would protect her daughter at all costs.

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