MP issues policing team with photocopy of cheque

By Standard Reporter | Wednesday, May 1st 2019 at 09:08
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Members of a community policing committee (CPC) in a constituency in Nakuru County are in a dilemma after an MP issued them with a photocopy of a Sh3 million cheque for the upgrade of a local police post.

Before issuing the ‘cheque’, the lawmaker had requested the local police boss and members of the CPC to organise for a public forum where he would deliver his donation from the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NGCDF) for the project.

The Grapevine learned that the MP - serving his second term - arrived at the venue of the meeting, made a speech about how he values development and handed over the ‘cheque’ which was in an envelope.

In return he requested the committee to hand him the Bill of Quantity (BQ) documents for the project before he left the meeting. But a few hours later, a senior police officer and members of CPC discovered that the ‘cheque’ was actually a photocopy.

Sources say that the MP may be having a sinister motive. The MP is known to be controversial and has in the past been implicated in fraud cases one of which is still pending in court.

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