Prosecutor who is more concerned about looks

By Standard Reporter | Tuesday, Apr 30th 2019 at 09:03
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Litigants and judicial staff at the Law Courts in one of the counties in the South Rift region are up in arms with a female prosecutor who they have nicknamed ‘slay queen’ because of her arrogance and attitude towards work.

The ‘yellow, yellow ‘lady seem to not to be so much concerned about her work but more focused on her looks and the phone she carries in court.

The Grapevine established during several court sessions that the lady is either on the mirror or her phone as proceedings progress.

A number of cases she prosecutes have been dismissed.

Recently, a defilement case against a minor had to be thrown out because she failed to effectively argue the case and lead in the production of evidence.

She never contested when the magistrate threatened to throw out the case over laxity of the prosecution. The case was dismissed and the suspect set free.

Lawyers say she is never effective when presenting evidence or even argue strongly on behalf of the prosecution.

Litigants have been left wondering why she is still a civil servant while all indication from her demeanor to the execution of cases indicate that her heart is not in the work she does.

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