Pastors among many injured as church turn into battlefield

By Bosco Marita | Monday, Apr 29th 2019 at 14:01
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Ngucii AIPCA church in Mwea Constituency, Kirinyaga County was no longer a place of worship on Sunday morning.

Two rival groups could not let worshipers seek spiritual nourishment as they clashed and descended on one another with kicks and blows.

The humility, reconciliation and love that punctuates church proceedings were nowhere to be seen as it forced the area chief and police to separate the two sides that were tearing each other apart.

The battle painted a picture of a murkier confrontation pitying two sides, one led by Archdeacon John Kamau and the other Archdeacon Naftali Mwangi.

At the centre of the controversy was who to lead the day’s service. The misunderstanding culminated into bitter exchanges that resulted in the two sides going physical.

Archdeacon Kamau bore the brunt of the wrangle, suffering severe head injuries, as a result of allegedly being hit several times with shepherd staff.

Both parties accused each side of starting the brawl leaving worshipers with no option than probably seek an alternative place of worship or perhaps call it a day.

Reportedly, at least ten people were injured as a result of the scuffle.

The house of prayer is allegedly closed until the two parties iron out their differences.

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