Man stabs wife to death in Embakasi

By Standard Reporter | Monday, Apr 29th 2019 at 08:15
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A middle-aged man, living in Transami, has been detained in Embakasi police station after stabbing his wife to death on Sunday morning over alleged domestic row.

James Wambogo Kanyiri, the deceased husband, aged 34, is said to have stabbed his wife more than 20 times making it impossible for neighbours to save her life.

Grace Kangure, the deceased, aged 29, was not living with her husband in Nairobi but only visited on weekends.

Her desperate calls for help could not help much as neighbours say the door was closed making it impossible.

“We heard calls from her asking for help that she was being killed but it was difficult to help, the door was closed”, said one of the neighbour.

The cause of the murder is yet to be established since neighbour describes the murder suspect as a man who hardly mingled with people.

Kanyiri was arrested by his neighbours who handed him to the police.

The station OCPD Mathius Manyira said the suspect will be arraigned on Monday (today) on a miscellaneous application to ask for more time to detain him, pending a postmortem report that will enable them to charge the suspect with murder.

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