Are pastors to blame for solemnizing marriage with misunderstandings?

By Bosco Marita | Sunday, Apr 28th 2019 at 11:11
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What happened to the phrase in a wedding where a pastor says “if there is anyone opposed to this marriage please come forward?”.

Definitely, this was the moment when the church was off the blame of solemnizing a marriage that had pending anomalies.

But gone are days when weddings were conducted within the province of such phrases. These days weddings are no longer tied in an open field without tight security whose sole mandate is to bar genuine and potential complainants of such engagement.

In a case of same script different cast, a woman who claimed to be legally married to Alex, stormed ACK St James cathedral Kiambu in a mission to stop his husband from getting married to another woman.

To his dismay, it wasn’t easy. She did not succeed. Drama ensued as she tried to battle with the security guard at the entrance as his estranged husband wedding continued.

The morals the church preaches and advocates for seemed to have been shelved when Ann claimed to have presented an objection letter and marriage certificate to the clergies only for them to proceed with the wedding unbothered.

“I came here two times I brought an objection letter I produced a marriage certificate. I went to the attorney general office with objection letter they did not obey” said Ann.

To the clergy who oversaw the wedding, he had no comment to give to the journalist who sought answers.

Being one of the hundreds of cases where parties wed notwithstanding the well-known procedures, one cannot help but ask, why is the church which is a symbol of reconciliation investigate and solve any pending issues in marriages before allowing parties to marry?

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