Meet husband and wife who graduated with PhD in Mathematics

By Odero Sydney | Friday, Apr 26th 2019 at 12:27
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A Nigerian couple wowed social media users on their graduation day after a photo of them completing their doctorate degrees went viral.

Aqeeb Sabr received his PhD in Mathematics along with his wife Raqia Mohammed, who bagged a PhD in Applied Mathematics on the same day.

A twitter user Identified as Kwankwason Tuwita first revealed the couple’s story on twitter.

He wrote: “Congratulations Aqeeb Sabr (PhD in Mathematics) and his wife Raqia Mohammed (PhD in Applied Mathematics)”, accompanied by a photo of the husband and the wife.

Following the post, U-Report came across many warm comments on social media regarding the two with others giving out funny reactions to the academic achievement of the couple.

A Twitter user identified as Nungua Thanos said: 

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