PHOTOS: Waiguru reveals what she likes most about her lookalike

By Vincent Kejitan | Friday, Apr 26th 2019 at 09:26
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Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru on Thursday met her look-alike and new University of Nairobi Students Association (UNSA) chairperson Anne Mwangi Mvurya and she was more than impressed.

Speaking after a meeting with the new team of UNSA officials, Waiguru noted that she shares a lot with Mvurya who is also passionate about women in leadership.

“It is said that everybody has at least one person whom they strongly resemble.Had an intriguing meeting with newly elected UNSA chair, @MwangiMvurya.

“We share quite a bit in common including a shared passion for more women in political leadership,” she said.

During the meeting, the governor was also presented with a portrait done by Karinge Mbugua and affirmed her support for youth leadership, challenging the officials to be leaders of integrity.

Netizens likened Waiguru’s situation to that of the Kakamega ‘twins’ and some joked that she should also seek DNA tests since Mvurya might be her sister.

Martin Mburu: DNA hapa ifanywe. Twins have met after 40years

Jim Langat: Mheshimiwa ama hii ni same case na wale wasichana wa Kakamega? Naona ulizaa msichana hosi ukabadilishiwa.

Eddie Muchiri: She looks like your small siz mhesh

Davy Leich: Your resemblance can't be ignored but basically congrats too to the new UNSA chair Ann Mvurya. Indeed, women and youth are the real architect of the society and your affirmation goes a long way in motivating a generation.

Frank Nyagwoka: Your daughter or sister?

Curtis Gikundi: Just confirm the Hospital she was born in and the day so that we save ourselves the agony of DNA. The doctors may have mistaken like we hear they did in the other case of look-alikes.

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