Museveni impressed by Kenyan girl's artistic prowess

By Vincent Kejitan | Tuesday, Apr 23rd 2019 at 13:36
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Uganda President Yoweri Museveni on Tuesday took to Twitter to share photos of nine-year-old Kenyan artist Sheila Sheldon who hails from Mombasa.

It emerged that Sheila offered Museveni a painting when the President visited Kenya and requested to visit him in Uganda during the Easter holidays.

Museveni, impressed by the piece of art, hosted Sheila and her mum Vivian Adhiambo at his home in Rwakitura.

“My muzukulu from Mombasa, Sheila Sheldon Charles, visited me in Rwakitura with her mother as we agreed she would, when I met her during my recent state visit to Kenya.

“Nine-year-old Sheldon is a visual artist. In Mombasa, she offered me a painting and requested to visit me during the Easter holidays.

“Her mother told me that she was born at 8pm, therefore the Luo name we agreed to give her is Atieno. I thank President Uhuru Kenyatta for supporting her education given that her parents were unable,” said Museveni.

The President further thanked the girl for the gifts and noted that talent of whatever form should be nurtured.

Recently, Sheila received global recognition and was awarded for her contribution to society for her role in inspiring children all over the world.

The young artist was awarded by the Tese Foundation which champions for the welfare of destitute children in several countries in Africa.

Sheila had offered her paintings for sale to raise money to assist the vulnerable children in Zimbabwe.

According to Sheldon’s mother Adhiambo, her daughter started drawing when she was 4 years old and teachers noticed she had a special talent.

“Her teachers once called me to school saying my daughter had something special in her. I did not believe them.

“They proceeded to show me her drawings and I was impressed. A job transfer forced me to look for another school to nurture her talent but most I came across were too costly,” she divulged in an interview with Ureport.

Adhiambo further stated the Sheldone draws every day after school and has portraits of prominent people including Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, comedian Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill and KTN journalist Lofty Matambo.

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