Has Raila been outfoxed by the Handshake?

By JOSEPH LISTER NYARINGO | Saturday, Apr 20th 2019 at 12:19
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There is no doubt that the Handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga has created a conducive atmosphere for business to thrive in the country and thawed animosity between NASA and Jubilee supporters.

It has taught us that political leaders who harbor critical differences can find a common ground to work towards the collective good.

But some fundamental questions, however, remain: Are we better off today than we were before the handshake? Will the handshake bear fruit to spur the country’s social, political and economic future through the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI)?

Quit Handshake?

When Raila’s brother Oburu Odinga recently urged him to withdraw from the handshake, it provided the impetus to two sides of the political isle - Jubilee and NASA who have been ambivalent about the pact.

According to many African traditions, when one’s elder brother speaks, it is weighty! Oburu pointed out that corruption which has spiraled in the Jubilee government is the reason why his brother should quit to avoid soiling his political legacy.

Many Kenyans are frustrated with the looting going on in the current government today. If the looting continues unabated, the country will be an empty shell by 2022.

Those who agree with Dr. Oburu contend that Raila’s legacy will be completely ruined if the war he supports against corruption flops.

A good number of Raila’s supporters think the handshake has given the President leeway to make unilateral decisions with less criticism. 

The critical role of an informed and empowered citizenry is to critique the decisions made by leaders because such decisions will affect the present and future generations.

Many supporters of Raila in the country are doubting Thomases about the Handshake. 

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