Video of uncle forcing three-month-old nephew to drink beer during a party angers netizens

By Mirror | Wednesday, Apr 17th 2019 at 12:21
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A teacher was caught forcing his nephew to drink from a beer bottle at his birthday party.

The uncle, from Peru, dipped his finger into the beer and forced the baby to taste the alcohol in front of a few guests.

Mobile phone footage captured the baby, about three to four months old, grimacing in disgust as Eloy passed the beer bottle to the tot.

The guests can be heard laughing soon as they saw the baby's reaction after having tasted the cold beer.

The clip was posted on Facebook with the caption: "He is trying a cold one, I hope he will not be like his dad.

It's said the party was held in the town of Ferrenafe, north-western Peru's Lambayeque region.

The video has sparked criticism online and was taken down later.

Harold Jaque commented: "What the hell are they thinking, a lot of people wish they had a baby and these two idiots have one?"

Victor Torrichelli added: "A judge should be acting right now."

Gloria Jimenez, head of the local education service, said she will file a report to local officials for investigation.

Local ombudsman Julio Hidalgo Reyes slammed the lack of care to the baby and promised to refer the case to local social services chiefs.

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