Hats off for trolley operator helping elderly man cross the street

By Bosco Marita | Sunday, Apr 14th 2019 at 16:24
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A trolley pusher seemingly operating in Nairobi CBD has won the heart of many for helping an elderly man cross the street.

In a video recording trending on social media, a man yet to be identified by name is seen carrying an elderly man on a trolley as he crosses the street.

In the process, the trolley pusher is heard talking to someone who is interrogating him on what compelled him to help the old man. The man later reveals that the elderly person had a problem with his leg making it difficult for him to walk.

Amazed by his acts of compassion, the overcritical social media approved his act of humanity as many praised him for being kind.

Zusie Timothy: God bless work of your hand young man. you are such a good example with the heart of humanity.

Bobo Bobo: Humanity at its best ur a Hero Young man God Bless u

Shiku Shiru: May theAlmighty God bless this young man for helping the sick old papa

Cynthia Mukami: Tungekuwa hivi wote kenya haikuwa na corruption

Komuono : the"small" acts that go a long way in putting a smile to humanity

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