Kilimani residents to build ultra-modern police station

By Vincent Kejitan | Saturday, Apr 13th 2019 at 13:42
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Residents of Kilimani area in Nairobi are planning to build an ultra-modern police station that is estimated to cost Sh350million.

According to those living in the neighbourhood, their police station deserves an upgrade due to its prime location in an area often visited by high-profile leaders.

Karanja Kabage, chairman of the steering committee, noted that the station’s facilities are in a sorry state and residents have decided to chip in and refurbish the facility.

The residents have already dug a borehole at the station and they believe they need to have a rapport with the officers and create a harmonious environment.

They have also launched buy-a-brick campaign to get some of the materials that will be needed to complete the construction.

“If anything happens in my house today, God forbid, the person I go to is the police officer. And if I’m not on good terms with them, how then can I walk into that police station and report what is happening?

“We have to have that relationship. If we were to befriend the police, I believe, crime would come down,” said Leilah Juma, a member of the steering committee.

The project will be funded by the Chinese embassy, the Nairobi county government, the National Police Service and the Kenya Private Sector Alliance Foundation, as well as private donations from residents.

Construction works are set to begin on June 15 and the plan is to have conference facilities, a research centre, playing facilities for children and a shopping area for officers.

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