Photos of Mwalimu Rachel's bedsitter get Kenyans talking

By Vincent Kejitan | Thursday, Apr 11th 2019 at 15:41
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NRG lead radio presenter Mwalimu Rachel on Thursday shared photos of her project comprising of studio apartments and one-bedroomed houses and her fans were more than impressed.

She went ahead to encourage netizens that investing is key and she is now a proud landlady.

“Never thought I would ever hold the title: landlady. But life has a way of surprising you! This is one of the 3 units I have. All already booked and tenants moving in end of the month. This is a studio apartment (usiseme bedsitter! Sema studio apartment are we together??) and I have another 2 one bedrooms,” she said.


Rachel further urged her fans to sacrifice some life pleasures and avoid overspending if they want to complete personal projects.

She added that seeing friends ‘balling out of control’ should not worry you as long as you are focused.

“Why am I sharing this with you at the risk of being labeled a show-off? So as to show the STEADY, TEDIOUS journey of LEGIT growth through sacrifice. I have had to learn about investing. And with that comes driving the same Toyota RunX for about 7 years now. That comes with getting more money but maintaining my lifestyle and expenditure. .

“To anyone who is a dreamer and sometimes gets discouraged by what you see around you, friends balling out of control and having flashy things(and that’s their life! Usimind!) just stay focused,” wrote Rachel on her Instagram account.


The presenter also called for a saving culture but warned that it requires lots of discipline.

“Start saving mdogo mdogo, create that discipline within you and work hard. And one day, doors will open and opportunities will come. I pray for you to stay grinding and for God to give you the grace to handle the blessings that come your way,” she said.


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