David Ndii’s message to men who can’t handle rejection

By Vincent Kejitan | Thursday, Apr 11th 2019 at 18:43
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Following news that Ivy Wangechi, a 6th-year medical student at Moi University, was killed by her childhood friend Naftali Kinuthia, police commenced investigations into the motive of the heinous act and rejection was heavily mentioned.

It emerged that Kinuthia had been sending money to the deceased but was not getting the ‘affection he expected.’

Having travelled from Thika all the way to Eldoret to attack Wangechi using an axe, this case denotes uncontrollable rage and fear of rejection if police reports are anything to go by.

There were a number of conversations online regarding justice for the deceased and Economist David Ndii also weighed in on the matter.

Ndii strongly condemned the killing of Wangechi and asked men to seek professional help if they cannot stand rejection.

“Dear Men of Kenya You are not entitled to women’s affection or bodies. If you feel uncontrollable rage following rejection, or empathy for men who brutalize women, if you are presently obsessed with contextualizing Ivy’s murder, please seek professional help,” he said.

His sentiments were echoed by netizens who urged men to stop expecting sexual favours whenever they spent on ladies.

Phil: Cry, drink (if you usually do), go out with the guys, find a hobby, improve yourself, but most importantly, move on. This is how you get over rejection.

Bamzer Omari: After breakup, it's the best time for a man to grow & develop into a real man. Use the Anger to turn into energy, energy into motivation and motivation into success. Be successful enough till one day she watches u being interviewed in her husband’s Television. NEVER TAKE A LIFE.

Brian Kimani: Kenya has been robbed of a Daughter, Sister, Relative, future Mother, Dr.... This is truly sad, has solved nothing. It has only opened a can of worms on how quick some disgraced elements are to sanitise sick sadistic behaviours.

Paul Saka: It's not a man thing or woman thing for that matter. These are sick people whether men or women with this warped sense of entitlement. We seem to be having quite a number in society nowadays. Awareness has to be created about mental sickness.

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