Man attempts to commit suicide live on Facebook

By Vincent Kejitan | Thursday, Apr 11th 2019 at 09:13
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A man identified as Kelvin Wa Nyambura on Wednesday evening attempted to commit suicide live on Facebook.

In the video, Kelvin is seen taking some pills and washing them down with a solution but we cannot confirm that the substance he was seen consuming is poison.

He then walks up to his phone and stops the recording.

Most of his friends quickly reached out and asked him to seek assistance although others claimed he was an attention seeker.

Joseph Mathenge: So depressing watching the live feed. Depression is a disease that needs some serious deliberation amongst Kenyan youth. I really hope under all circumstances he makes it out alive.

Ann Blessed Wambo: Dear God, please protect him. Change his story to have a reason to live please.

Muthoni Winnie: Why kill yourself when you can just live life, do your best and try maintaining a balance even when things fall apart? Nobody's life is perfect. Not one single soul.

His recent Facebook posts revolved around struggles of life and true friendship.

He encouraged his friends to often check up on each other and always offer ‘a few nice words.’

Earlier this year, another Facebook user identified as Owen Macharia committed suicide days after posting suicidal notes online.

Owen’s cry for help earned him ridicule from some of his “friends” on the social media platform.

One friend, in particular, urged him on saying “Jiue tukuzike basi.” Owen in a quick rejoinder asked him not to attend his burial.

He later requested for a day off from his employer and never returned.

Prior to his death, he called his sister to say goodbye but never revealed his location.

He was later found hanging from the ceiling of his hotel room in Mtwapa.

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