Ministry probes investigations after video of school girls smoking bhang went viral

By Mercy Kahenda | Wednesday, Apr 10th 2019 at 12:38
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The Ministry of Education has launched investigations into an incident where a number of students from Moi Forces Academy Lanet, were captured in a video clip smoking bhang within school vicinity. 

Reacting to the video clip that has gone viral on social media, Rift Valley director of education Mary Gaturu said a team of investigators has been formed to investigate the incident.

Dr. Gaturu further admitted that use of drugs is rampart in schools and that the mess requires a multi-agency operation to tame the vice.

“What is captured in the video clip of students smoking bhang in a dormitory is shocking. A team of investigators has been formed to look into the matter and give a comprehensive report,” said Gaturu.

In the video clip, at two of the students were sharing a puff while the other girls were either dancing to a background music or watching in amazement.

The captures about ten girls in a cubicle, a number of them were still dressed in school uniform- blue skirt, white blouse and blue tie while other were still in their night dresses. Some of the girls were seated on their beds.

Yesterday, when the Standard visited the school in Lanet, an employee who spoke in confidence said the top management has been holding meeting since Monday.

"They had a meeting on Monday until late in the night. Another meeting is going as we speak," he said.

According to sources, the school's board that includes top military officers, has demanded a comprehensive report on how drugs and banned substances were sneaked into the highly guarded institution.

A security guard at the gate, said the school principal Mrs Elizabeth Njoroge did not want to speak to the media.

"Madam has told me to inform you that she will comment on the matter on Wednesday (today)," said the guard.

As we waited at the gate, a number of parents drove into the school situated next to the Kenya Military Academy, perhaps to follow up on the issue. None of them was willing to grant us an interview.

The school was officially closed on Friday, April 5.

On the other hand, Dr. Gaturu said a special committee consisting of education officials, the police and local administrators has been formed to find out how drugs and substance sneak to schools.

The team shall conduct impromptu visits to schools during official opening of second term, top ensure no drugs are sneaked to learning institutions that highly contribute to rampart cases of unrest and indiscipline.

To help in investigation exercise, the team shall use sniffer dogs to investigate and arrest culprits who circulate drugs and substance in schools.

“Impromptu checks shall be done in all national and boarding schools, to ensure that nobody sneaks drugs and any substance to schools, more so, during second term, when cases of unrest and indiscipline are high, she said.

At least six secondary schools in the Rift Valley have reported unrest as the first term of the school calendar comes to an end.

These are Kirobon Girls, Kirobon Boys, Njoro Girls, Njoro Boys, St Joseph's Girls and St Joseph's Boys in Kitale.

“Local administrators including chiefs and assistant chief understand school environs and individuals suspected to be behind sell of drugs. We are working close with them to find a solution to this issue of sneaking drugs to school,” she reiterated.

She added that some unrests were attributed to peer pressure among learners.

“It is unfortunate that we have cases of learners’ copy-catting behavior from their peers. For example, St Joseph Boys burnt a dormitory after learning a dormitory has been burnt at a neighboring St Joseph Girls school had burnt one,” said adding the government shall take action against any student involved in destroying school property.

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