Judge, lawyer having extramarital affair

By Standard Reporter | Wednesday, Apr 10th 2019 at 07:32
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An intimate relationship between a lawyer and a judge has become a major topic of discussion within the corridors of Justice.

The two legal minds are said not be hiding their love affair despite being married people.

Yesterday, the Grapevine overheard lawyers conversing in low tones how the affair has affected the works of the female judge over reports that she finds herself distracted whenever her lover appears before her to prosecute a case.

The smitten lawyer is also said to be finding himself in an awkward position defending clients before the lady justice as they are both caught up blushing anytime they have eye contact. Is it time the love-birds declare conflict of interest? 

In other news…

The Law society of Kenya elections to the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) seems to be on a high gear with withdrawals from the race.

Last week, a vocal candidate withdrew and the two more are expected to surrender in the coming days.

Reason? Some powerful forces have vowed to ensure one strong candidate fails and have been lobbying the aspirants to quit and support one of their own who is perceived as a front runner.

If the team succeeds, then then other candidate seen as a strong force should be scared of the deals.

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